1.5 Months

Excited to bring you a night of underground and experimental noise, ambience and industrial music.

|||||||| 13th Rung:  No Leaders Please. nois(e).
“the music is the word, the word is the music”
Tape saturated found sound solo set.


|||||||| Leaving The Body:

Leaving the Body” (Paula Diaz Castillo) is a transdisciplinary artist from Tenerife, Spain, based in Glasgow.

Focused on raw experimenting with circuit-bending, modular synths, psychedelics visuals and conceptual photography.

“Leaving the Body” walks the audio-visual plane crafting experiences free from conventional rules inspired by the occurrence of being human.


|||||||||  TEND

Modern industrial from Glasgow.
Demented. Bruised. Bass beats and chaos reigns.


||||||||||||| Lauren Sarah Hayes

Hayes uses a mix of techno noise and live electronics to create a piece that resembles the tremendous revving of a computer, if such a thing were possible. Here, her instruments are fast cars, busting sound barriers, burning cyber-rubber leaving the boy racers standing.
‣ Embrace:  Review by Louise Gray from The Wire (2021)

Carefully frenetic.
‣ Můstek: The Herald (2011)

Whether behind a piano, a microphone or a guitar, she a force to be reckoned with. This latest foray into the world of computerised composition sees her going as far as she can into new territory and her own quirky titled brand of toy-tronica.
‣ Preview from The Skinny (2008)