Circumstances – presented by Figurehead Theatre

Happy New Year! It’s January 1930 and James Madison won’t get out of bed. Eviction looms at the end of the month and in Depression era Glasgow he isn’t the only one strapped for cash. But maybe there’s a way round it; if only he were a landed gent.

Circumstances is a play about economics. It’s about debt and obligation, expanding the social contract and the things we do to help and hinder each other.

It’s a play about the many facets of transnational Scottish identity with contributions from teachers, bartenders, retail workers and computer scientists that form a multimedia assemblage of sound, speech, narrative and video.

Circumstances is the eighth original work from Glasgow’s Figurehead Theatre.

Written and Directed by Josh Dodds with contributions from Sìne Harris, Lucy Stewart, Lauren Sinclair, Jennifer Stewart, Georgette Lapina, Vesko Stefanov, Jude Mckechnie, Darrel Douglas, Lily Carmen Smith, Chris Sproat and Liam Fair.

Performed by Lucy Stewart, Liam Fair and Josh Dodds.