COWBOY BUILDER Album Launch W/ CComfort, Tarantula, Noise Hz

We are releasing an album in December called “The Name of the Demon is… Cowboy Builder” via PX4M. It’s been lying on the harddrive for the past 18 months.
Cowboy Builder is a rogue trader forced by blacklist into the world of music where they may hide forever.
Typical songs involve minimal droning guitar, church organ and two drum kits falling down the stairs for several minutes at a time.
Cowboy Builder began trading in October 2019, but may have been going longer under misleading handles and faker names. Some members may have been associated with Bamya, some may have known Dr. VZX Moist, and some may also be trading simultaneously as Oharasix.
Side 1 can be heard below just now. You can buy it with an accompanying 32 page photobook, which trades purely in nostalgia. It is a survey of the buildings typically found in the central belt of Scotland that will never be found again, found here in the greater Falkirk area.
Tarantula: Like a rock band but not like a rock band because the songs always change and theres more roll than rock
Noise Hz: Harsh noise/experimental, noises to be hurt by. A division of Skrot Centralen