Dora Lachaise & Jonni Slater EP Launch


Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater launch their new EP Weather Balloons with an immersive experience of live music and film projections. Like discovering a forgotten analogue TV station where strange songs are the soundtrack for grainy arthouse movies…


Dora (Maaike Siegerist) brings her haunting vocals and ear-catching melodies, Jonni his husky voice, instinctive feel for keys and cinematic production. The songs they write together are full of mystery, inspired by UFO conspiracy theories and Cold War novels and films, with a hint of Nick Cave’s duets.

Becci Wallace is firmly placed at the heart of Scotland’s songwriting community. Her latest album Present Tense was released to critical acclaim and featured as BBC Roddy Hart’s ‘Record of Note’. With her powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, Becci effortlessly moves across genres. From acoustic folk and singer-songwriter into electronica and pop.

Freya Giles first made a bold mark on the Glasgow music circuit with Spiritu-folk band Woodwife. As Ember Quine, she has swung towards Goth-pop with intricate electronic arrangements and soaring vocals. Ember Quine is a vibrant voice born from a Fife homestead where music existed as the dominant language.