Here’s What You Could Have Won

What would you do if the world was ending?
Eve has decided to do the only sensible thing there is to do at the end of the world – triple lock the door, light some candles, break out her ouija board, and try to talk to someone who’s in charge. Stella, on the other hand, has decided to do the very least sensible thing she can do – buy two bottles of wine and six packets of jaffa cakes, and turn up at her ex’s door.

As the clock ticks down to midnight, Eve and Stella realise that the apocalypse might be playing a game with them, and that the only way to win is to change the rules.

A new play by Charlotte Smith
Directed by Elliot Comnene and Sophie Brierton
Starring Hannah Smit, Ausette Anderies, Amber Frances, Billy Murison, and Magnus Kelly
Produced by Canonical Theatre.