Love Songs

An alternative Valentine’s experience of music and performance for the lovers and the lonely hearts. Join the Wall of Death Collective as we channel Elvis by turning The Old Hairdresser’s into Heartbreak Hotel for one night only, with special guests TBA.
Sam Lou Talbot
Sam Lou Talbot is a Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, experimental performer, and doctoral researcher in Music at the University of Glasgow. Her forthcoming album Space Junk will be released on 3/3/23.


Rob Turner:

With Roots within the deep delta blues and the reverb – rocking gospel of the staple singers, Glasgow based Robert Turner’s music moves between old – timey ballads, toe – tapping chart – toppers, British invasion rock ‘n’ roll and strange tales from the hills.

Rebecca Mackenzie:

Rebecca Mackenzie is a novelist, performer and doctoral researcher in Theology at University of Glasgow.

Joe White:

Joe is a performer, musician and doctoral researcher in Theatre Studies at Glasgow University. Joe works as a freelance performer/musician and arts educator in numerous professional and creative contexts.

Simone Smith
Simone Smith is a BAFTA Scotland winning filmmaker and visual aritist from Glasgow. Her short films have been described as “surreal poetry”, and “raw and unconventional”. Inspired by emotional health and spiritually, she tells emotionally conscious stories that explore themes of transformation, vulnerability, and the challenges of becoming.
Tom W Green
Tom W Green is a session guitarist and composer embracing the worlds of popular and contemporary classical music. His operas have been performed across Europe and he has undertaken studio and tour work for many different recording artists.
Simone Seales
Simone Seales is a Glasgow-based cellist who completed their postgraduate studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. They focus on free improvisation and devising music for theatre. Simone is passionate about exploring sound, how sound can reflect emotional states of being and how emotions are embodied. Their creative influences come from Black feminist leaders such as Audre Lorde, Assata Shakur and bell hooks. Within Simone’s creative work, they centre Blackness, sexuality, intersectional feminism and anti-racism. Simone is a recipient of the Sphinx MPower Artist Grant.