PROCESSED FILTH: A Work in Progress

TW: sex (talked about) and vulgarity
A fever dream that lets its intrusive thoughts win, PROCESSED FILTH is a beautiful mess of a work in progress that explores filth, vulgarity, and desire through the disjointed relationship between a MILF and her melting Spine.
Leave all your manners at the door and join us for this semi-staged reading where we’re getting wet, wild and dare I say theatrical! Who knows, you may even see the biggest naturals this side of the Mississippi (if you suspend all disbelief).
NOTE: all moisture and/or goo is purely metaphorical. You will not need to take a shower after this show, though you are welcome to <3
After the show, if you feel so inclined, there will be an opportunity to share any thoughts, feelings, or bit pitches about what you just saw! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
Featuring Kelsey Sullivan as MILF and Abrah Ophelia Katzman as Spine
Written by Kelsey Sullivan
Directed by Lauren Mitchell
Music by David Hewitson
Dramaturgy by Connor McKenna
Produced by SMaK Productions
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