Raiments, The Chunks, Howie Reeve

Fuzz Bat Gigs takes a trip through to Glasgow…

So yeah, this will be the first Fuzz Bat Gig to take place in Glasgow and it’s lovely lineup of avant garde musical collective Raiments, Skronk wonk indie group The Chunks and acoustic bass troubadour Howie Reeve plus maybe one more that will be performing.

Raiments: Avant Garde musical collective combining pop music with a punch of punk, Currently a three piece based in Edinburgh with newly added viola.


The Chunks: Uncle Power Classic Wonk Skronk Indie ensemble. Sometimes they exist in three parts, other times in four. This time, it shall be the power trio version.

Howie Reeve: Post-punk/avant-folk/pop weavy solo acoustic bass with vocals.

No one turned away due to lack of funds
Don’t want to see anyone who fancies coming along gigless after all.
Drop the FB page a message to mention you’d like to come but are skint. Alternatively, you can mention on the door.