Rosa Good: Don’t Disturb the Birds EP launch, with Coldsville

Rosa Good is extremely proud to present her first solo EP which will be released on 25th July – Don’t Disturb the Birds – a collection of songs depicting a real shift in perspective and growing, emotional realisations, healthier attitude towards relationships of all kinds, and the importance of communicating and holding strong communities.

To celebrate this exciting release – she will be doing a wee tour around bonnie Scotland!

Rosa will be playing with good friends Coldsville; fantastic Americana/Folk with melodies you won’t get out your head for days, and harmonies to die for!
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See what she’s all about –
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Bringing an enchanting blend of mesmerising vocals and uplifting guitar; Rosa’s folky, soulful, heartfelt, and captivating songs have honest and raw lyrics, and hooks that will have you singing along. Hailing from Edinburgh and now calling Queenstown home, her performance has influences intertwined from both bonnie countries. Drawing inspiration from a a plethora of genres, anything from blues to grunge; from Nirvana to Billie Holiday to Frank Zappa and The Beatles.