Shit and Shine: Hexakaidecagon, Measured Maniacs + Jack, Noise Hz x P.E.G


First Shit and Shine show since 2013! Expect something interesting and weird. If you know you know. Legend.

“Based in Texas, Craig Clouse makes a lot of music, and he has fun doing it. How else do you explain record titles like Cunts with Roses, Toilet Door Tits, You’re Lucky to Have Friends Like Us and, perhaps best of all, Find Out What Happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change?

For over 10 years, Clouse and the various other musicians who’ve been in and out of Shine and Shine – the group’s press material regularly refers to performing live with 10 drummers at a time – have been gutting post-punk, krautrock, electro and more for parts, combining the grubbiest aspects of all those sounds into something that’s somewhere between Big Black and Big Beat.”



Experimental duo masterminds behind Baked Beans on the doorstep. Something crazy, something loud and something absurd. 

Twin breakers of everything from the Chicagoan and Texan neighbourhoods of Glasgow empty out their dustbins and let us know if there’s anything worth feasting on or if it’s just polystyrene, percussion and drool for dinner.”

@dizmal_human @all.decay


Measured Maniacs + Jack:

Measured Maniacs perform unadulterated noise fuckery, with potential lasers and certain weird sounds, plus they’ve got a drummer this time around!

…puzzling, yet enigmatic multi- disciplinary art project, which focuses on practicing extreme sonics to light, laser-driven opto-auditory feedback loops and strange synthetic disco ’

@ewajustka_official @falischie


Noise Hz x P.E.G:

Harsh noise connoisseurs set out to go back to back, literally. One speaker each the two will improvise harsh noise and experimental beat making for half an hour of horrificness. Listen to both, either or none. 

‘Embracing the ethos of free noise improvisation, performed way out in the red and presented as a document of ferocious, unfettered creative expression.’

@noise__hz @willagho

Special Presentation!: At doors you will be greeted to a powerpoint presentation of the history of Oliva Newton’s song ‘Have you ever been mellow’. Featuring karaoke.