Sloth Racket, L, Ali Robertson / Nichola Scrutton Duo, Dome Riders

‘Watching Sloth Racket perform is a thrilling experience, conveying a palpable sense that the musicians are navigating the scores by the seat of their pants, making real-time group decisions that sculpt the compositions into unique shapes each time they’re played.’

– Daniel Spicer, The Wire, December 2021

‘Lurching between riff and abstraction…maintains an elegant balance between emergent melody and the wilder activity at its fringes’ 
- Stewart Smith, The Wire


Nichola Scrutton & Ali Robertson – The Longest Forty Miles  “The last train is at 11:30pm and I wouldnae recommend the night bus. It’ll be full of Lothians troglodytes, Cumbernauld carbuncles and folks what like their improv idiomatic. Best hop in our taxi. It willnae be cheap and, with two drivers pulling in opposite directions on the same wheel, you’ll be unsure which way is up let alone which is East or West. Ensure you’re wearing your seat belt on this tour of the Scottish Central Belt as your escorts are predisposed to unleashing belters for strings, gobs & kerfuffle and you’ll get pure pelters if you dinnae subscribe to their version of the Highway Code.”

Nichola Scrutton is a composer, sound artist, experimental vocalist/improviser and artist based in Glasgow. Ali Robertson makes himself & others blush as the Giant Tank Institute For Low-Brow Avant-Thought’s resident organiser/improviser in Edinburgh.

“Glossolalia guru Fritz Welch was ahead of the curve when he wilfully turned his back on the Texan black gold game and set sail for Scotland on the back of a repurposed petroleum drum to usher in a new Gusher Age of mucus-based green energy music. The upper reaches of this miserable island can now leave them dirty fossil fuel reservoirs untapped as explorers from the mining communities that grew up around Woven Skull, the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & Taupe have pledged allegiance to the Welchian cause and are employing both archaic string instruments and state o’ the art electronics, while all the while ululating oral oil slicks, to amass a portfolio of audio gasoline so well-lubricated that it threatens to combust inside yr lugholes. Prospectors praying for the occurrence of improvisation that you can bank on should take note, this quartet always strikes gold.”