Sound Thought presents: Pillow Lava // Dronehopper // Melissa Rankin

Pillow Lava is an experimental ambient duo of Beth Horseman and Danny Igoe – a semi-improvisational, sonic hotspring of field recordings, organic samples, ethereal vocals, spoken word, delay patches, analogue synthesis and lots of reverb.

Dronehopper is a collaborative project between the experimental practices of Kevin Leomo and Simon Hellewell. Together they explore fragile, liminal, sustained sounds on saxophone, guitar, and more, creating calm and strange vibes, which you can listen to on their recent Bandcamp release, ‘Lo-Fi Experimental Beats to Disassociate and Relax to’.

Melissa Rankin is a sound artist, composer, and improviser from Glasgow working within the psychoacoustic realm of composition, focusing on topics such as fragility, intimacy, and sentimentality. Her work with both acoustic and electronic sound aims to create a deep listening state and often takes the form of delicate but texturally and timbrally deep soundworlds. She is also interested in how sound interacts with space and how we listen within different contexts. Melissa is currently finishing up her MMus Composition degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.