THE DECLINING WINTER + EPIC45 with support from gnac

Yorkshire based The Declining Winter are led by Richard Adams, the co-founder of the Domino Records group Hood. They are purveyors of a unique form of pastoral pop taking in influences from lo-fi, electronica and post rock with a strong visual aesthetic inspired by the countryside of Yorkshire Their latest album ‘Really Early, Really Late’ has been universally praised and compared to the likes of Talk Talk and Bark Psychosis.

“Impressively emulates Mark Hollis’ godly solo work with a jazz and folk-tinged post-rock beauty” Boomkat

epic45 are Ben Holton and Rob Glover, who grew up in the middle of nowhere, Staffordshire, England. They released their first 7″ EP in 1999 and from there have continued to put out a number widely celebrated albums and EPs inspired by their immediate surroundings, childhood memories and the evolving landscape and it’s histories. Over more than 20 years, the duo have gained support from John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne and have collaborated with artists such as Ian Crause (Disco Inferno), Stephen Jones (Babybird), Bibio (Warp Records) and Simon Scott (Slowdive).

Musical references include the ghosts of Sarah Records, Disco Inferno, New Order, Robert Wyatt and Talk Talk.

gnac is the ongoing project of songwriter and music producer Mark Tranmer. Tranmer’s music has been described as “imaginary film soundtracks” and has been compared with Michael Nyman, Ennio Morricone, and The Durutti Column. He has also worked with Roger Quigley as The Montgolfier Brothers and Ian Masters (of Pale Saints/Spoonfed Hybrid) under the name Wingdisk.