This Friendship Is Sailing, Human Heads, Ali Robertson

A matinee art and music event for all ages
This Friendship Is Sailing
Mad distant chatter from four cross-hatched Henrys. A whining, shining, realigning new foray into dark energy improv that hides in the cracks and oozes through the empty spaces.
Maggie Nicols | voice
Odie ji Ghast | voice
David Birchall | guitar
Sam Andreae |  objects / reeds / electronics
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Live on Curious Ear Radio is a treat, something that anyone who has been drawn to the weird, eclectic and edgy sounds of modern British improvisation shouldn’t miss out. Actually, to be more exact, anyone interested in modern improvisation. The origins of this music, if that has any historical significance for the here and now of all of us, come from the early days of British improvisation and everything (like the Company nights that were curated by Derek Bailey) that happened around the radicalism of Incus Records.” Read full review here
Ben Knight
Hannah Ellul
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Ali Robertson has been making himself & others blush as the Giant Tank Institute For Low-Brow Avant-Thought’s resident organiser/improviser for more than two decades. He continues to court public shame alongside Malcy Duff in the duo Usurper while sporadically pleading for redemption via the Sonic Bothy Ensemble.
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Art and craft activities organised by Andrew Kerr & Lou O’Connor (during performances)