Tina Jordan Rees album launch: Beatha

Tina Jordan Rees launches her debut flute and whistle album – Beatha
Comprised entirely of original compositions, Beatha (meaning ‘life’ in both Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic) is the exciting debut flute and whistle album from Glasgow-based musician, Tina Jordan Rees. With reels, jigs, 7/8s and more, Beatha is filled with life, energy and fun.
Originally from Lancashire, Tina takes her influences for her music from many places including her time spent in Ireland studying on the BA in Irish Music and Dance in Limerick, the Irish dance music tradition, where she is a household name, and the vibrant Glasgow music scene.
Joining Tina are the fantastic Seán Gray on guitar, Lea Larsen on bodhrán and James Lindsay on double bass.
With support from Ellie Beaton and Gillie O’Flaherty.