Flow’s Torture Chamber

Step into a chamber of the dark arts,

and see what provokes you,

what takes you,

what moves you

and the connections you make.


Film & performance art by Flow Nash

Artwork by Rose Mcmahon & Luca Cockayne

£10 ADV / £12 OTD

linktr.ee/flownash for reservations

Flow Nash is an artist, musician, writer, director performer and Trauma-informed Somatic Movement Practioner. Her motive is to create a diverse community, built on a strong foundation of authentic expression – empowering the self sexually, creatively and communicatively through sharing individual experiences, gifts, wisdom, knowledge, recourses and expression. Flow regularly practices vulnerability and a deep exploration of the self in its full intensity. She is drawn to facilitating public spaces for deep, dark exploration of all that is personal, shameful and repressed within society. She has experienced first hand the healing properties of this facilitation, as by validating the shameful parts of oneself within social settings, one can become integrated, whole and self-aware.