Cutty Sark presents I See My Sister

Mhairi and Caoimhe. Two sisters running from something. As they become more entangled with the wild Scottish landscape, Mhairi’s secrets are revealed and her grasp on her sister – and reality – begins to slip…

A new piece of writing from emerging theatre company Cutty Sark, I See My Sister explores wilderness, trauma and the bond between sisters.

Join us for preview performances on 19th/26th May at The Old Hairdresser’s. All profits will be put toward fundraising for a run of the show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024.

Doors open at 7:30pm, with the show beginning at 8pm.

Instagram: @cuttysarktheatre

Cutty Sark Theatre is a new Glasgow-based theatre company co-founded by Eve Miller and Laura Milton. We are passionate about representing queer women, and telling stories rooted in the Scottish landscape which explore the un-real and supernatural. We will be having our first performance of new writing in May of this year at The Old Hairdresser’s studio space in Glasgow.