Tara Cunningham & Caius Williams Duo, Lene De Montaigu, Rotter Otter

Caius Williams is an improviser, bassist, and composer from London with a varied practice including improvised music, electronic music, and projects exploring experimental approaches to composition. Alongside his involvement in various groups and partnerships in and around London, Caius works frequently as a bandleader, and has recently completed and recorded his first large-ensemble project (‘Thread’), and a solo project for double bass. Some current collaborative/supportive roles include a duo project with guitarist Tara Cunningham, playing for songwriter and producer ‘feeo’, and recently working in ‘Lifetones’: a project led by Charles Bullen of ‘This Heat’, alongside working with many of London’s notable improvisers.

Tara Cunningham is a guitarist, composer, collaborator and improviser based in London. Current live + recorded projects include; 90s acid-jazz pioneers Red Snapper, improvised experimental duo with bassist Caius Williams, and alt-rock three piece COOL QUIET. Solo sketches can be found here. Her work as a composer for film includes ‘a loop, of exchanges, until we vomit’ with art film maker Luca Baioni, as well as Pascal Bargemin’s 2023 feature film Portraits of Dangerous Women.

Lene is a French/American artist based in Glasgow. She is a recent graduate in Interaction Design from the GSA. Her work and interest interweaves code and digital technology as a medium for art, playing and conversating between analog and digital media. A lot of her works are sketches, explorations, and experiments that research and investigate aspects of our contemporary sensorial spaces via the hybridity of the mediums at hand. As such, the use of interdisciplinary tools is central to her creative approach, allowing for different languages to emerge side by side, or in conversation. As a digital artist, she is also careful to stay in touch with analog and physical mediums, as she explores the ways in which the borders between the virtual and the ‘real’ are structured and permeated.

Piano Sketches (for Bow, Keys, Fingers and Hammers) is a series of recordings from a de-constructed/re-constructred piano. These recordings were done both during and after the construction of the instrument. The piano was patched together using found parts (wooden keys, hammers, mechanisms, strings) and by rebuilding its missing parts (metal string frame, 3D printed keys, wooden structure and resonation box, circuit for hybrid sounds). Four elements that are used in the construction of the piano are then reused in parallel for the playing of the piano. The piano hammers simultaneously refer to the hammering of the piano’s body: a hybrid between hand-crafted elements and digitally constructed elements. The piano’s voice narrates the labor involved as the forefront of its soundscape. Piano Sketches as a live performance is therefore composed by such tools and instruments.

‘rotter otter is a new improvising quartet featuring Rose Dagul (cello), Hannah Ellul (synth/tapes), Ben Ellul-Knight (vocals) and Rebecca Wilcox (vocals/samples). Rotter otter make mulch music netted from the river bed.